Terms of service

  1. These terms and conditions apply to the use of uemotion.com, hereinafter referred to as the Website.
  2. The terms and conditions include the Privacy Policy.
  3. The Website is maintained by 4ULab, hereinafter referred to as Website Owner.
  4. Access to the Website is free of charge and available via Internet or telephone networks. Please bear in mind the charges for telephone and Internet connections according to the rates provided by network operators.
  5. The Website Owner reserves the right to introduce payments for certain services provided by the Website.
  6. The Website is open to everyone. To become a user, fill in and send the registration form available on the Website.
  7. The registration is conditional upon accepting these terms and conditions, and consent to processing of your personal data by the Website.
  8. The User undertakes to provide real data in the registration form.
  9. The Website Owner shall process the personal data only to the extent required for using the Website services.
  10. During the registration process the User shall consent to receiving e-mail messages and trade information related to the Website.
  11. The personal data collected by the Website shall not be disclosed to any other entity without the User’s consent.
  12. The User shall have the right to review, edit or remove their personal data upon each request.
  13. The request to remove personal data shall be equivalent to resigning from the Website services and removing the User account.
  14. The Website Owner reserves the right to remove the personal data (and the User account) if the Owner decides that the User is violating the Terms of service.
  15. The User has the right to publish multimedia content, in particular in the form of voice mails on the Website.
  16. The User is responsible for the published content.
  17. Publication of the following content on the Website is prohibited:
    1. Materials infringing the applicable laws,
    2. Materials to which the User has no right or authorization,
    3. Materials that harm the reputation of other Users or third persons or groups (e.g. ethnic or religious minorities, etc.)
    4. Advertising materials without the Website Owner’s consent.
  18. The Website Owner reserves the right to delete remove the content published by the User, if such content is considered to infringe these terms and conditions. Such content will be deleted at the earliest possible convenience.
  19. The Website User gives without charge the Website Owner the right to use and distribution of the contents published in the Website or sent to the Website Owner via other communication channels (e.g. e-mail or contact form), even after the deletion of the User’s account. The Website Owner has the right to use these contents for commercial purposes.
  20. The Website Owner reserves the right to process the User’s multimedia content, in particular in the form of voice mails, including before and after the publication.
  21. The User undertakes to use the Website in accordance with the applicable laws and these terms and conditions.
  22. The User is not allowed to perform any activities that obstruct or prevent the correct operation of the Website and correct use of the Website by other Users.
  23. The Website and the materials and information published thereon excluding these submitted by User are the property of the Website Owner and may not be modified, copied or distributed in any way by the Website Users or third persons without the written permission of the Website Owner. The Website Owner has right to store, process and publish on the Website the materials and information submitted by User in particular the speech signal.
  24. The Website Owner shall not be liable for any consequences arising from and out of the use of information and content published on the Website as well as for correct work of the Website and services connected with the Website.
  25. The Website Owner shall not be liable for temporary or permanent turn off the Website from use.
  26. The Website Owner does not guarantee continuous access to the Website, in particular in the event of failure of services independent from the Website.
  27. The Website Owner shall not be liable for any possible loss of data that may occur due to breakdowns or interruptions in the Website operations, in particular caused by the failure of services independent from the Website.
  28. The Website owner reserves the right to amend these Terms of service at any time. The latest version of Terms of service is always available on the Website. In the event of disagreement with the provisions of the amended terms and conditions the User shall have the right to delete their account on the Website.
  29. To all matters not settled herein the provisions of the generally applicable laws shall apply.

Privacy policy

  1. The Website processes the personal data. The personal data are provided by the User during the registration process to the Website. Certain personal data (e.g. name, surname, gender, age) may be presented in public.
  2. The User may provide the Website with additional information that may be published on the User’s profile.
  3. The Website displays profile information of the User, such as content publication history, comments to the published content and mutual relations between the Users (e.g. following).
  4. The Website automatically stores information on activities of the Users (e.g. telephone number or IP address, from which the activity was performed). This information is used for the purposes of analysis of popularity of the Website and specific parts thereof.
  5. The Website automatically records and saves the speech signal of the User, in particular the voice recorded before processing in voice-modifying software.
  6. The Website utilizes browser cookies in order to analyze the popularity of the Website and specific parts thereof. Browser cookies shall not be used for any purpose infringing the applicable law.
  7. The User may disable cookies in browser, however, this will obstruct the use of the Website.
  8. The Website owner does not analyze the use by the User of sites other than the Website.
  9. The Website does not store the User passwords in unencrypted form. User passwords are processed by one-way functions. In the event of a lost password a new, random password will be generated.
  10. The Website Owner shall lock the User account in the event of discovering unauthorized attempt to use the account. Unlocking the account is possible only on the Website.
  11. Any sensitive operations performed by the User on the Website with the use of the browser may be encrypted with HTTPS protocol.
  12. Proper securing of the access to the account is the responsibility of the User: strong passwords and PIN codes and their periodical changes.
  13. The Website Owner or the persons responsible for Website operation (admins, moderators) never ask for the password to the Website. Any requests of this type are an attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Website by third persons.

Document version: 16-11-2012

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